NIS America and Nihon Falcom on how to save the JRPG

When Nihon Falcom’s Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana ended Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s month-long reign at the top of the Japanese charts back in May, president Toshihiro Kondo was both surprised and impressed by the title’s performance. According to Famitsu, the RPG sold over 30,000 copies in just four days, marking the first time the series had risen so high up the Japanese rankings.

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FallenAngel1984264d ago

The genre doesn’t need saving

kalkano264d ago

"I feel the Japanese market has become very insular and Japanese companies really need to look outward in order to grow."

Simultaneously encouraging and terrifying. As long as you don't try to change genres to do that, it should be a good thing. Let Ys be Action, and let Trails be Turn-Based.

kalkano264d ago

"“Because of that, we’re right before something really great in terms of the revival of JRPGs. There’s still a lot of room for JRPGs to evolve, but I think we’re right before a big sea change, both in the quality of JRPGs and the reception of them. If you look carefully from the Nintendo Famicom days all the way up to the PS2 generation, you’ll see lots of really good, high quality, unique JRPGs, so the point is to go back to that again and revisit that, taking a stance that says ‘We’re going to make games that only we can make, just like we made in that time, and that could only have come from Japan.’ This will allow us to continue to fight on a global front and bring back JRPGs.”"

It seems too good to be true...I feel like it's just too much to hope for...

Pancit_Canton263d ago

I'll give more credit to atlus on Persona 5.

Servbot41263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

And Nintendo for Xenoblade, and Square for Dragon Quest, and XSEED for their numerous top-tier localizations. NISA is pretty garbage when it comes to Western releases; they shouldn't be talking about how to "save" JRPGs when they can't even do their one job right. When was the last time you heard that a JRPG needed an entire rewrite and re-recorded lines because the localization was so awful on release? Lets not forget other issues like straight-up lying about game content on the back of the box for their Rhapsody DS release.

Tross263d ago

Any genre can stagnate, and not everything is going to reach CoD sales figures, but it sounds like NISA and Nihon Falcom have a good grasp of the situation unlike SE some moons ago who were saying stupid things like "I think maybe I want to make a FPS". People can and do love JRPGs. Like with anything heart and creativity helps. Persona 5 didn't sell 2 million copies for nothing. Proper marketing can help too, but I think rather than trying to go against what makes JRPGs special, it's best to embrace the genre and apply creativity in a way that compliments what's great about it while doing something new.

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