Capcom Is Hosting A Mega Man 30th Anniversary Live Stream Event On December 4

Siliconera received a a little package from Capcom with a card mentioning a Mega Man livestream event on December 4 in celebration of the series 30th anniversary.

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379d ago
FallenAngel1984379d ago

Announce a Mega Man X Collection for modern platforms

379d ago
FallenAngel1984379d ago

The story already ended with Mega Man X8. In fact it was supposed to end at Mega Man X5.

If another entry were to be made, you should expect Capcom to release a collection of the subseries to get everyone up to date and more interested in the series.

Godmars290379d ago

They could always "re-imagine" the story.

FBNS379d ago

Actually, X8 opened up an entirely new arc with Lumine... One that's probably never getting finished...

FallenAngel1984378d ago

They already tried to with Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter but that didn’t take off pass the first game

notachance379d ago

cmon, open-world 3d megaman a la Ratchet and Clank, you know the potential is huge capcom

Minimox16379d ago

like a megaman legends 3! :D

Godmars290379d ago

So, odds are they wont be announcing a new game, a restart of the franchise, at what would be the perfect opportunity.

JusticeBolt379d ago

A new megaman game announced? I hope so.

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