Green for Gold...Justified? Round Two

A while back, GamesRadar posted an interesting look into what exactly you get whilst paying for Xbox Live Gold in comparison to a free service such as PlayStation Network. Is the extra cost justified?

Click through for part two (the revisiting) of this article from quite a few months ago, and see what has changed and affected the playing field.

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LevDog3421d ago

50 bucks a year for 3 extra things.. 3 things that are useless.. Crossgame invites dont even secure you a spot in the other game.. Cross game voice Messeges??? Ok So Someone I just owned in a game can cuss me out.. YAY!!.. Cross game chat.. Could be cool, but not for 50 bucks.. Ps3 has something 360 doesnt.. Video chat with up to 6 people.. Hmm.. XBL just doesnt seem worth it.. PERSONALLY

ShinMaster3421d ago

I pretty much get the same deal with PSN fo' free.

Messaging, chating(video/voice), online store(demos, full games, videos, TV shows, movies, free themes, music)
Dedicated servers and p2p servers, for better online play, etc.

Pennywise3421d ago

Shhhhh Dont say that too loud.... someone might cry - or call you cheap.