Nex Machina gets 55% off discount on PS4

Amazon has discounted the digital PS4 version Nex Machina to $8.99. The digital version of Gran Turismo Sport is also on sale for $39.49.

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TheOttomatic91383d ago

If you haven't bought this game do yourself a favor and purchase it the game is amazing.

cfc83383d ago

Thanks for heads up. Got nex machina and inside for 14 quid on ps store. Only 3gb storage for both aswell.

UKRsoldja383d ago

The fact that you have to play it all in one sitting is a turnoff to me.

TheOttomatic91382d ago

huh no you don't who told you that?

UKRsoldja382d ago

As far as I know, you can't just beat one world at a time. You have to start from the beginning each time, until you finish the game. Am I wrong? I have the game.

TheOttomatic91382d ago

There is a separate mode where you can play each individual world. I did that mode first then attempted the proper mode.

Venox2008382d ago

Great game.
There is also discount for Broforce..
Last day of June and Ruiner..yay