VR Isn't Dead or Dying, And If You Think It Is You're Wrong.

It’s changing, it’s growing, and with each new game, it’s getting better and better. VR is very much alive and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

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ABizzel154d ago

VR wasn't dead or dying. It was just an experimental tech with a high entry cost, which prevented most gamers from adopting it as fast as they'd like. Also high-end VR is still 1 good year into it's life cycle almost 2 for PC, and good gaming experiences are just starting to come out even if they are older games being remade for VR.

But look what happened when the price dropped on all headset this holiday, all 3 nearly sold out everywhere. The market is there, they just have to get the price down and consistent where a profit can be made (hopefully $250 for PSVR, and $399 / $499 for Oculus and Vive), and continue to produce the content to support the headsets.

VR is in its infancy still, and it takes 2 - 3 years to start pumping out games consistently. So expect VR to be a big push for next-gen, come 2020.

darthv7253d ago

I was watching the lawnmower man over this past weekend. I would love to get VR setup like that at my home with the gyroscopic thing you climbed into and rotated all around with the full body suits.

BLAKHOODe54d ago

I love my PSVR. It's truly a game-changer and has opened my eyes more than ever to what the future of gaming could be like.

thunderbird8654d ago

A guy that i work with bought one, and it's sat on his shelf collecting dust. To each their own.

Pricey54d ago

A guy I work with fxcks piglets. He owns an Xbox. Both our statements are anecdotal and worthless.

anticooper54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

i guy that you worked with didnt use his vr headset so that makes vr bad? my friend bought a 4k tv he never uses, so that makes it a bad 4k tv?

FyBy53d ago

Thats surprising for me! Maybe he had different expectations. There are tons of games I wish I had a time to play on PSVR!
Maybe for core gamer, whos gaming 6hours/day I can imagine PSVR is not enough.
Do your friend know, that he can connect PSVR also to a PC and enjoy Steam VR platform too?

Yetter53d ago

Good friend of mine but a Vive about a year ago. Played it a ton for a week and hasn't touched it since. Thats my experience as well. Blows your mind the first time you try it but I have little desire to play more games like this

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S2Killinit54d ago

Anyone who thinks VR is going anywhere has not put it on yet. The experience is something any gamer should have.

MunchMiller0054d ago

LOL Opinion piece, trying to state something as fact. VR is on the peak it's fad curve. Won't be around all too much longer. Thank god.

iDadio54d ago

And your response is an opinion comment stating it wont be around much longer as a fact?

dreue54d ago

dude fuck off,for real if the world would go around you we still would be in the 32bit ya you are wrong....

zahdab54d ago

Every message starting with "lol" is factual and mature. ( Fact )

anticooper54d ago

"Won't be around all too much longer. Thank god." wow vr must really have hurt you:( what about people having fun with vr does that hurt youre feelings too?

T2X54d ago

That's your opinion. The actual fact, if you bothered to check, is that they have sold a lot of units and xmas will sell even more. Even if I didnt like it, I would at least applaud the tech advances. Apparently not you though! Lol.

Aenea54d ago

VR in some shape or form will be around for quite some time! Will also be the standard way to play games. Not saying that will be soon, so don't worry, you can still enjoy your flat games for a while, but it will happen. Until then the tech needs to be perfected and without putting it out there this can't happen...

sprinterboy53d ago

Sold my psvr, biggest regret ever, fantastic device just fell into some financial difficulties losing my job, I miss it for sure.
Was it perfect no but the experiences and party nights with friends and family were special ones, especially seeing my mum and dad finally get why I like playing games after 37yrs lol. Seeing my mum cry with the ocean game, the deep was nice and putting a dolphin youtube video on where lots of dolphins were swimming around my mum who had a fear of water but loves the BBC David attonbourgh documentaries was great.

zahdab52d ago

@sprinterboy u're lucky if thats your biggest regret ever !

Emperor53d ago

Why do people get mad when others say VR is a fad ? I mean, they genuinely become angry. Three years ago all the gaming sites told us that VR was the biggest thing in gaming in more than 15 years. Then year after year they told us this will be the year it really takes off, 2015 will be it, then in December of 2015 it was going to be 2016. Is 2018 the year ?

Remember in December 2016 we were told that 2017 will be the greatest year ever for gaming ? Was it ?

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Woolly_54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I guess time will tell whatever its fate is :D

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