TGS 08: Sony Post-TGS Impression

GP Writes: "We've seen what Microsoft has announced to all Japanese gamers last night and from the people of the press, some are impressed and some aren't. With Sony not really having a big press conference this year at TGS, at least they held a small business meeting that will address some things Japanese gamers might want to look out for and of course, this will apply to us gamers here in the United States. Kinda..."

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Lucreto3516d ago

gamersplatform is a little early Sony still has to have its game conference. They got the boring stuff out of the way.

Panipal20053516d ago

I thought Sony was going to have a WKC conference and a LBP conference but not a games conference to cover a wide range of games. Including these 9 or 11 unannounced PS3 titles or whatever. I confess, trying to keep track of what Sony are doing or not doing at TGS is confusing the hell out of me.

When do you suppose this 'games' conference is going to take place...also be a good chap, tell me the time it'll be on at in GMT (0) cheers.

whoelse3516d ago

They also forgot some of the stuff like PSP Plus and adhocParty.