GAME in Sainsbury's stock swoop

MCV writes:

"Supermarkets turn hardware suppliers for UK's biggest specialists
The industry was rocked by heavy discounting this week, as High Street giants GAME and Gamestation joined independent retailers in buying extra stock from supermarkets.

The latest round of price slashing kicked off at Sainsbury's over the weekend, with the retailer cutting £30 off the price of Xbox 360 and Wii hardware – an offer which meant the 360 was available for under £100. Armies of staff from GAME, Gamestation, CHIPS and numerous independents then swooped to snap up the cut-price consoles.

"With 360 and Wii on sale at these prices we allowed our store managers to supplement their stock by buying consoles from their local Sainsbury's," explained GAME Group CEO Lisa Morgan.

"Availability was very inconsistent, but on the whole it was a worthwhile exercise. Our strategy is centred on giving our customers choice, good value and having the best possible availability going into the Christmas period.""

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Vip3r3390d ago

I don't know much about law but it seem illegal more than anything else.

3390d ago
dale13390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

tesco had the 360 at £99, so all that game could buy from there outlets were bought online or in store,two reasons for this,a)more profit than they make on it any way,b)no competition to compete on price.sad facts this accounts for two sales on each console sold,game is not the only one to do this hundreds of independents do it as well with deals from supermarkets to argos.this happens mostly on the 360 and the wi and as price of the ps3 comes down this may go the same way.hence your 62% increase

3390d ago