The Xbox One X makes the PlayStation 4 Pro feel like a half-measure

"Sometimes power is its own selling point"

Polygon guns PS4 Pro in favour of the Xbox One X

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Well I think so but that's compounded by the fact that Sony didn't go hard on this iteration of the hardware. Sony didn't need to, to be honest and MS being drastically on the backfoot felt compelled to. Do think the Pro support/ performance is wank compared to the X.

The X is merking the Pro harder in many ways than many expected. Still, it's a very niche market and it won't change any tides.

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It is Microsofts third iteration of a console this gen... they had no option.
But any console looks good when it is just putting make up on an Xbox One game. It is basically a 360 from last gen.

threefootwang296d ago

Third iteration?

Black Xbox One - Black PS4

Xbox One Slim - PS4 Slim

Xbox One X - PS4 Pro

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Would you also say the ps4 is a ps3 from last gen?

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@rude... all that proves is like last gen Sony took something away from their revised system while Ms added some things in.

Remember all the usb ports and the ps2 hardware and media reader of the ps3? the revised system comes out with no media reader, stripped out ps2 bc and fewer USB ports while the 360 went from bad cooling and design to internalized wifi, hdmi, better cooling and design.

So while the ps4 slim removed the optical port, that still counts as removing something that was there in the initial system. The xbo added uhd drive, faster cpu / gpu and internalized power on top of reducing the size and db the system makes when running.

Sony is a friggen hardware company and they got served by a friggen software company on how to release a slimmed down system after the initial release. They still got served by the same friggen software company on how to make a mid gen system that boarders on next gen level.

The only thing that sony knows how to serve is consistent game releases. MS can suck a lemon for their decision making when it comes to releasing games on a regular basis.

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@XMessiah23x They actually did. The PS4 Slim doesn't have an optical audio port. I don't use optical audio, though, so I don't really care. Also, the base PS4 didn't really have anything special that could be taken away, so I wouldn't commend them in any way. It didn't have backwards compatibility, it didn't have a bunch of USB ports, and it didn't have any type of card reader.

Christopher295d ago

@darth just to be fair, those PS3 things were removed for the same reason MS removed the forced Kinect this generation. The one time Microsoft did downgrade their system to lower the price.

No clue why Sony would remove an optical port, though.

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@ Rude-ro

ps4 pro is sony's 3rd iteration of the ps4 as well, so they're even

S2Killinit295d ago

I think they are referring to the fact that the PS4 Slim is only different in how it looks. The xbox S I believe is a slightly better version of the OGxbone correct? So you could say the Pro is really only the second "iteration" of the PS4.

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Hey, ThreeInch,
It's sad clowns will agree with you just because they believe they are being supportive but saying that as a negative is pretty stupid. Every console generation has multiple versions of the hardware. The new iterations are how we get price cuts. The design matures, parts shrink and the box shrinks as well to cut cost. That expands the user base which increases the chance a game makes a profit. That gets a console exclusives and keeps developers in business. New iterations are at the heart of what makes gaming a viable business. But good luck with those brownie points anyway.

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"won't change any tides."

Did Microsoft really think it would catch up to Sony in sales and exclusive games and multiplatform games because of the One X?

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I prefer the types of games on Playstation as a SP gamer but I have to agree this time. Support for the Pro was very weak. Where are all of the upgraded graphical features? A few games get a slight bump in resolution and that was it, big deal. I would have expected more upgraded frame rate and effects modes (at 1080p at least) as an option instead of resolution. I don't care about a slightly crisper edge here and there if the game is choppy or has soupy textures.

Mister_Wolf295d ago

Power hardware by the Microsoft, no doubt.

But the PlayStation does have more interesting games.

It all comes down to that.

Ju295d ago

The X does exactly what it's supposed to do. I'd rather say, the Pro (as cheap as it is) gives it quite a run for the money.

Zabatsu295d ago

Well, to be fair, when you don't have any exclusive games to deliver, you have to deliver a better console, performance and graphics. Why would people ever else feel the need to buy a new Xbox? The only boast-factor that I personally see with owning an X, is the simple fact that I would get to brag about owning the console with the best performance available on the market. But what games would I play that I can't play on my PC on equal settings?

Sony wins anyway. I rather see the effort and extra cash go down on the games than the hardware. I would sacrifice graphics for good games and even if you did turn the tables, the Pro is cheaper than the X for a reason. If MS and Sony had released the Pro and X at the same time-period, you could bet your *** that they would be equal in performance and graphics, but that would've been a suicide mission from MS.

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It's a mid gen. Mid implies half. Neither mid gen was really needed, and they both feel like a half step to the next gen because the support is lacking

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In many ways like what as price quality and library of games all pretty big points they are getting smashed at. It’s more expensive sure it’s more powerful... to play 360 and OG Xbox games as the current Gen library for the system is lacking at best. 2018 doesn’t look much better either.
Not to mention half the amount of users and that’s not gonna change.

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Na, I think games are what gaming consoles are supposed to be about. otherwise anytime any idiot company comes up with a newer console we should all go buy that newer console because its bound to be more powerful. Stupid article really.

I think the sales ratify that the majority of gamers agree.

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Dat article title tho... Daumn.

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Can't wait to see what X.B.O.X versions of Spiderman and Detroit: Becoming Human will look like...

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that's actually kinda creative.

You should pitch that to MS

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Borrowed from another poster, hope it catches on though

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You do realize that the so called "beast" is still running on a jaguar the same CPU that's in both ps4 and xbox, right?

Both can hardly display later (not latest) games in native 4K. Even x can barely keep up displaying older games in 4K and a lot of games need to resort to checkerboard and toggling between different resolutions. It's not "true uncompromised 4K" like your lord phil as claimed. Only PC can claim that and with the news of the latest processor on the horizon, the gap between PC and console will be even wider in the future. And where's the promise that x games will be in 4K? It's all smoke and mirrors from m$ just like all the secret secret sauces. X is just another!

Before you mention forza, making a 4K racing game with baked lighting, oversaturated cartoonish colors, cut-out cardboard audiences and invisible pit-stop crews is an embarrassment to say the least. The intro. showcases such impressive pit-stop activities but the actual gameplay actually has no pit stop animation at all. All smoke and mirrors again. Forza 7 is a joke compared to GT Sport as the sales no. will show. Only fanbois buy it.

This gen belongs ps4 and switch. If Sony announces the figures of ps4 nos. outside of us,

Next gen, ps5 may break into China and we may see tenfolds of what this gen's no. is. The ps5 no. will be shocking, literally, earth-shaking. I can't wait for next gen.

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Nooo i never thought that Kribwalker would be positive over another XboxOneX news, no way!!!😇

Kribwalker295d ago

i never expected an army of sony fans to barrage any positive MS article, yet again, here we are 😉

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