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Hardcore Gamer: "Elgato Gaming has made a name for themselves as the leading manufacturer of consumer grade capture devices. They quickly saw a growing market of people all around the world looking to share their gaming experiences and jumped on it. In just a few short years since they released their first Game Capture HD device, the gaming division of Elgato has grown exponentially in becoming a household name when it comes to capture technology, and rightfully so, as they have been at the forefront of plug-and-play technology. I still remember back in the day having to buy an ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro just to record PlayStation 2 footage, and looking back on it, it was a complete pain to set up. Even though they already have a lock on the mainstream, Elgato has been moving a little more into the enthusiast market recently with the release of the internal HD60 Pro, and their latest product only helps strengthen their position. It only makes sense that we’d see a 4K capture card from one of the three major manufacturers, especially considering the incredibly powerful Xbox One X just hit, and having spent some time with the 4K60 Pro, it has left a strong impression on us."

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cigi351d ago

Just buy an XBOX one X - then you have 4K 60 recoding out of the box.

Just shows how much value you get for the extra 100 USD