Super Mario Odyssey Sold 63,538 Copies Digitally in Japan in October; Gran Turismo Sport Sold 35,401

Digital sales for Super Mario Odyssey and Gran Turismo Sport in Japan in October have been revealed. Only one of them did impressively.

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2pacalypsenow352d ago

We're just gonna ignore the fact that Dead Rising 4 outsold Mario?

Abriael352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Yes. We are. Since it was on sale like 90% off and Mario was on sale for 2 days in the period.

Concertoine352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Dead rising is a cult classic in Japan due to it being 360 exclusive for so long, i imagine it was a pretty hype release over there

351d ago
vergilxx3349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

So what ? Dead Rising outsold it anyway it's Nintendo fault for not giving better discount

darthv72352d ago

I think that was just the regular DR not DR4.

Is DR4 even out yet for the PS4? I just got it on xbo for $5 from a pawn shop.

2pacalypsenow352d ago

Yeah Its Dead Rising, not Dead Rising 4 I misread that.

Zeke68351d ago

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package Coming to PS4 December 5 :)

bluefox755352d ago

That's pretty interesting, wouldn't expect a game like that to do so well in Japan.

352d ago
3-4-5352d ago

I love how this is trying to make it seem like Mario didn't sell that much, when it's only for 2 days against a whole month for some other games....some of which were discounted.

Like......dual shockers....get out of here with your misleading articles.

352d ago
Abriael352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Maybe you should learn to read. It helps. No part of this is trying to make Mario seem like it didn't sell much.Get out of here with your silly conspiracy theories.

Apocalypse Shadow352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Maybe I'm missing something Abriel. Your original comment was implying that GT Sport didn't do well at launch based on digital sales you were looking at. And you must have edited your comment and deleted it and now only speak about Mario. Which would be obvious Mario sells since EVERY Mario game sells well since the original.

But looking at the release of GT6, I see that it sold about 200,000 on its release

And i see that GT Sport in its debut sells 150,000 physical and 35 thousand digital you just posted.

Which about matches it's previous debut. So, what are we looking at exactly from this article? Or are we just comparing two games that have no connection with each other on two different consoles?

I know your comment read differently when I read it before. GT will sell like it always does: over time.

Abriael351d ago

One, we're not "comparing" anything." We're giving data for multiple games. Two. 200,000 in a week physical only is not in any shape or form the same thing to 185,000 in ten day physical + digital.

And no, no comment was deleted or changed.

Apocalypse Shadow351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

What I'm looking at is Mario selling like it has always done and doing very well in Japan.

And GT Sport selling similar to a player base slightly less than GT6 sold to on PS3. PS4 is about 65-70 million and PS3 was about 70-80 million or so in December of 2013 after the launch of PS4 in November.

Since the racing genre is over saturated, I'm expecting GT Sport to sell 5-6 million like GT6 did. Potentially another 1-2 million if it's lucky because of the FIA connection when it ramps up the worldwide competition racing.

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