1UP: Infamous New Impressions Preview

1UP: "What's new for TGS? The developers showed off a new mission that showcases a few new powers and tactics, new enemies, and even a snazzy-looking battle set on a power grid. While Cole sounds like he's limited due to being an electricity-focused hero, the developers wanted to demonstrate the variety of powers and tactics that can be derived from "just electricity.""

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nos4speed3539d ago

At first I really wasnt that interested in this game but its looking and sounding alot better every time I read about it. Dam my list of games keeps growing and growing while my funding keeps shrinking and shrinking :P

robotnik3539d ago

Any ideas on the release date? It might be interesting, but never played any game from Sucker Punch.

Karum3539d ago

I think it's slated for Spring '09