New PlayStation VR Demo Kiosks Popping up in the US

The headset will also be available at select Amazon pickup locations.

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Apocalypse Shadow298d ago

Sony spreading the word is a good thing. Letting consumers try it and get their own opinion on if it's for them. Basically keep the steady momentum going to standardize VR as an option to use for entertainment.

yeahokwhatever297d ago

with VR, you HAVE to try it to understand it. Looking at a screen of it does it no justice.

297d ago
kalkano297d ago

While I understand the purpose, I just find this gross. I barely want to touch controllers at kiosks, nevermind put something on my face. But, I'm a bit of a germophobe like that...

Venox2008297d ago

Why dont you bring some liquid sanitiser or antibacterial wipes then? I am a bit bacteriaphobic too

kalkano297d ago

I don't even use sanitizer, because I don't like feeling like there's still something on my hands. If I use it, I still feel like I need to wash my hands (illogical, though it may be). No amount of wiping it would make me feel better.