The 133 Locked Doors of Silent Hill: Homecoming

GamesRadar writes:

"We show you what's really scary from the latest survival-horror"

Spoiler warning: these doors represent the first third of the game. Be careful if you don't want the environments ruined for you.

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vlazed3450d ago

If you want an open world play Oblivion and quit complaining. The linear aspect of the game is part of the Silent Hill experience. I won't go to much into it as to not spoil anything, but this is, quite frankly, my new favorite Silent Hill.

I am tired of pretentious western gamers wanting every game to be exactly the same. See new Gears of War "inspired" RE5 control scheme, and I am from the US just to put things into perspective. GTA4, Assassin's Creed, and Oblivion allow you the the largest worlds to do the same 4 things over and over again. Criticisms need to be placed in context. I could make the argument that books have to many words and not enough illustrations, but that wouldn't make any sense. Context is important. Just because games are games does not mean they should all be compared to each other.

Games journalism FTL. It is no surprise to me why all these websites are losing hits.