TGS 08: Arc of Fantasia US Release Date Announced

GP Reports: "Marvelous Interactive and XSeed Games has announced today that Arc of Fantasia will be seeing a US release in 2009. With no exact date as to when this game is going to be released, Marvelous Interactive and XSeed Games guaranteed that the wait will be all worth it. Finally, another JRPG to hit the Wii..."

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DanteLinkX3542d ago

I will definitely buy it :D!

PS360WII3542d ago

As will I. I liked what Marvelous Interactive has done so far

N4g_null3541d ago

Yeah this one is going to be good just went to gametrailers to look at all the good games and this one stood out also.

Captain_Sony3542d ago

I've heard people say Conduit might be the next Goldeneye.. All I can think of when I see this game is how it appeals to me more than FF7 did at the time. The more I see of this game the more I think it could end up being on that level.

ChickeyCantor3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

the character design isn't that special, yet these 3D models look cool..dunno how to explain it.

I'm actually interested in this game too, allot actually.

N4g_null3541d ago

You mean this level as in character design and actually 3d modeling? Well you should be. The designs are simple but the sum of parts makes it special.

Harri44443542d ago

im going to take mine out of the closet now.

nieto23541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

ok, my hate for the has come to an end and now I love it and I want one! at last it's getting real games and not a bunch of crappy casual games.

but the price's too high compared to the X360 that it has like 8x times the specs but i can wait. ;-)

N4g_null3541d ago

LOL so you are paying for specs huh? it's not going to make a Wii game run any better if it's cheaper. I was going to tell you to try and find one now because when these games start coming out the drought will get worst.

A price drop may not happen for another two years. So you might as well save for the nintendo next console which stupids are calling the Wii HD.