Marvel Heroes: Former dev says Disney’s not the bad guy, Xbox One grants automatic refunds

Still reeling from the abrupt early sunset of Marvel Heroes yesterday? Same here. To make matters worse, only Microsoft is currently offering refunds for this fiasco, while Sony is denying the same requests.

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ZaWarudo56d ago

Yeah... Been trying to get refunds on PS4 but nope. smh. I hear European players are having luck due to some refund law.

Alek8355d ago

Yep, Sony is offering 90 day refunds in EU because of consumer protection laws.
It is driving me nuts that every article I read except this one says that Sony is giving out refunds as well. They are not. Only Sony EU is giving out refunds, because they legally have to.

XiNatsuDragnel55d ago

yeah me and Disney marvel heroes dev are high rn

Septic55d ago

Their customer service is actually decent

gamer780455d ago

yah I've had mostly good experience with support and getting a refund when it was even just morally right.

Alek8355d ago

Yeah, they are doing right by the consumer. No idea why Sony isn't doing the same thing.

j15reed55d ago

Because they don't have to...Sony has the market share they can do no wrong...

kevnb55d ago

Damn, I love it when Microsoft feels like they have to try.

awdevoftw55d ago

Just beat the game over the weekend. Played this on pc a couple years ago when it first came out. It was massively different from the console version. It used to have more characters. Still, it sucks for those that spent money on it.

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