COD5 Beta Code Page Live?

Is the COD5 beta page live and ready to start accepting download codes? Could be if you look at the image and the site it was taken from.

If history is any indication, the beta should be coming out VERY soon. The COD4 PC demo was released on 10/12/2007 and the full game shipped on 11/6/2007.


According to reports, GameStop has said they will start sending codes Friday...

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nos4speed3453d ago

Oh hang on, I dont care about WW2.....back to LBP :D

ps360s3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

this is for people who cares...

LPB is additive!!!

I need to get into the beta since I was in the COD4 beta :D

EDIT: and what about for the people who sign up to their site? When will they start sending beta codes out...

MetalProxy3453d ago

According to some GameStop employees, this is legit and they will start emailing codes to people that have preordered from them tomorrow.

Appel923453d ago

From whitch site is this taken from? Want to apply for Beta key :D

peeps3453d ago

sites been up a while now. hopefully get my code 2moro :) got 2 play cod4 beta so hoping 2 play this as well. Didn't actually enjoy cod4 though :( it just felt like they made it easier to appeal to more people.

ihaten4glol3452d ago

I need to get my hands on one of these codes...

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