Firstsing Provides Nintendo Users with Wired Internet LAN Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Wii U, & Wii

Wired Internet LAN Adapter for Nintendo Switch Wii U Wii was recently launched by Firstsing at a tech convention held at Shenzhen. During the launch of the wired internet LAN adapter for Nintendo switch, the owners of Firstsing said that the LAN adapter will make it easier for Nintendo users to connect with a stable and fast internet connection. They also added that the product is perfect for online multiplayer and can easily be plugged into the Nintendo Switch Dock.

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PhoenixUp352d ago

Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves for not having a console with a built in Ethernet port for the entire 21st century

UKRsoldja352d ago

Shh! You're not allowed to trash talk nintendo! Watch out for their rabid fanboys!