Is Sega Gaining A Strong Momentum?

For a long time after the fall of the Dreamcast, the attitude of many gamers was that Sega was no longer relevant. They still produced many games for other consoles but they never had much of a momentum, this is changing at a rapid rate however. In the wake of the Tokyo Game show Sega currently has a strong momentum going. Read on to find out why.

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blackboyunltd3300d ago

very good read good points, cant wait for the rise of sega

htownplaya3300d ago

good read, sega coming with that heat

Beast_Master3300d ago

No...Please see Beast Rider and that Viking game..Mad World may be their saving bad it is on wii, a console that has not had one 3rd party game sell over 750k copies.

SixTwoTwo3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles
Yakuza 3
Mad World
Alpha Protocol
Sonic Unleashed
Aliens Colonial Marines

SEGA is bringin it =)