NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale Offers Gran Turismo Sport On Discount

This limited flash sale is offering a good discount on the regular and deluxe edition fo the game.

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2pacalypsenow378d ago

I know they added career mode with the latest update, but can you customize your cars like previous GT games?

Liqu1d378d ago

The GT mode is in the December update. Customisation is limited to rims, liveries and performance tuning.

2pacalypsenow378d ago

So you can customize and tune your cars? Buy turbos, intakes etc...

C-H-E-F377d ago

There's levels, level 1 - 4 on some cars when you buy those new levels it'll add turbos, superchargers, intakes, headers, air filters etc. and boost your car performance from there you can tweak the individual aspects of your car, and then when you are on track for some races you can tweak the turbo to be more for raw power or for gas consumption etc. It's different than previous GT games, but it's really the same if it makes sense. Like instead of buying the parts as individuals you buy them in bulk as packages. Then you can add liveries and rims, but still no bodykits and to my knowledge atleast I haven't seen where I could add it, we can't change spoilers or take off spoilers.

Liqu1d378d ago

You don't buy performance parts. You just tune aspects of the car like downforce, suspension, roll bars like Project Cars.

Yi-Long377d ago

Bought it for 20 euro last week and that seems to be a nice price for it.

What's there is pretty good, but the amount of cars and tracks is quite disappointing, and the gameplay itself is just less FUN to me than the excellent Driveclub.

C-H-E-F377d ago

How many cars do you own in real life? And how many can you drive at once? LMAO ya'll really be killing me with this whole ohhh the number of cars... there's plenty of cars on this game as there were on DC and PC. GT was known for have 15 variations of the SAME car, that's why the numbers were so high. This car list gives you the best cars of each class to run with. The track selection, I haven't gotten tired of it yet so it must be enough.

xPhearR3dx377d ago

"How many cars do you own in real life? And how many can you drive at once?"

Lmfao what? What kind of ludicrous logic is that? I moved to NYC 8 years ago and sold my car and haven't needed one since. What does it matter if he owns and drives 1 car or 100? Were talking about video games.

"GT was known for have 15 variations of the SAME car, that's why the numbers were so high"

Yeah, back in the day when 15 cars was considered a lot. Were in 2017. Games, technology, consoles have advanced. There's a pretty obvious reason why GT has reviewed worse and worse since GT4 over 10 years ago. Doesn't make it a bad game, but it certainly isn't dominating the racing genre like it was 10+ years ago.

C-H-E-F377d ago (Edited 377d ago )


you read my comment and didn't take in anything i said... LMAO it's okay second times the charm... please google variation and then edit your comment thank you good sir.

@cars he owns in real life
I said that to say it doesn't matter how many cars are in the game if it's more than what you own be grateful you have options to chose something you don't have. Mofos will cry up and down that the sky is blue because blue isn't their favorite color nowadays. Like the internet just have all of you crybabies like dang really you have 162 cars to choose from and still find a way to cry and complain. Not like PD tied you up and made you buy the game, you knew going in that it had 162 cars in it so you made a choice to buy it knowing your options. why complain...

2pacalypsenow377d ago

"How many cars do you own in real life?"

The whole point of GT is to be able to drive cars you would never drive in real life, that's basically what Kazunori Yamauchi said was the reason he made GT

WilliamSheridan377d ago

I think I'm picking this up over Forza. I've always preferred the more realistic look and feel of GT.

IRetrouk377d ago

Great time to jump into the game, over 70 hours ive put into it with no online play. The campaign mode is actually really good and challanging, cups have come at the right time as im finished all single player parts to the game, at this price its deffo worth a punt.

Lexreborn2377d ago

Got the game bundled with VR. I don’t like racing games but I think it’s due to me not understanding the game. I have been doing the tutorials for GT Sports and I like it even more

IRetrouk377d ago

By the time you finish campaign mode you will have a good grip of the game, another thing i did was go through every track in arcade mode, beat them on the professional setting, it gets you used to racing the a.i and the tracks themselfs, plus you earn credits and exp points so well worth it.

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