The New Advantages of the Xbox 360 A few days ago, a scholastic fellow by the name of G. Swaby posted an article listing what he saw as Advantages for his system of choice the PS3. He made a lot of valid points and presented his view in an educated manner. Of course, lots of fanboys (huge shock, mostly Sony ones) flocked to the article. Personally I respectfully disagreed with Mr. Swaby. I thought to myself some one should list the advantages the Xbox 360 has. Then, in a Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror moment, I decided to take on that task. History repeats itself. This is the reason a wise man knows it. The system that gets its development tools into game developers' hands first will win. We are seeing that now in the ease of making and quality in 360 games. What other Advantages does the neon green machine have?

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Cenobia3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Could have been better if they toned down the fanboy/bias a bit. The author constantly makes one sided arguments. For example he says numerous developers have sited problems with PS3 development, but there is no mention of developers complaining about the 360s DVD size limitations.

He also says "the vast majority of Game of the Year candidate games can be played on the Xbox 360." In my opinion the games that are most likely to be GOTY are MGS4, LBP, and Fallout 3. Most of those games are on the PS3, so I don't know what games he's talking about. Gears will be a good game, but like R2 it's just a great shooter and won't get GOTY. Fable 2 might have a chance, but no one has even played it yet.

The Beta argument is valid, but Sony will likely try to increase the amount of beta's after the success of LBP's. I do hate Qore, but it it's like half the price of xbox Live and isn't mandatory. As for demo's, Microsoft is obviously willing to pay for demo exclusivity (ex. Tomb Raider) even though I don't really see a benefit in that for the publisher/developer.

Then he goes on to say Sony shows games coming way before they are ready. I honestly don't see how that is a bad thing. Is he trying to say that short sightedness is an advantage? I really don't understand that. At TGS MS announced the new Halo expansion, but beyond that and Ninja Blade what else is coming? I don't see how giving consumers no indication of what the future brings is a plus. At least as a PS3 owner I can see the games coming around the corner. Obviously Home and MAG were a little far off when they were announced, but I'm hyped for Killzone 2 even if it isn't coming until February.

Also, I don't think it's fair to call the PS3 updates unstable after one screw up. 2.4 wasn't quite ready, but I haven't had or heard of any problems before that or since (or even with 2.4). Also, I believe the NXE is bringing a similar system with it (updates can happen more frequently) so I find his commentary on that a little ironic. The XMB has always been stable, Sony just keeps adding to it and I don't see anything wrong with that. I mean, I wouldn't call Live unstable just because it went down a couple of times.

I agree that Microsoft has a marketing advantage. The Gears trailers are awesome, but then again they are targeting the Western market. Some of Sony's campaigns make me nauseous (most of them seem to come from Europe). And then they had that awesome "Ladies and Gentleman" commercial, just to fire the people that made it.

He brings up a few good points, but I wish he could see the other side of his argument more clearly.

iHEARTboobs3420d ago

Very true. A lot of what you said is what I was thinking. Was a little bias but there was some good points. Anyhow, he's happy with his 360 and i'm happy with my PS3. We all win.

DiabloRising3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Well said Cenobia, I agree. The opinion piece was well written, and I wish more gamers could discuss things in such ways, even with their own preferences and slight bias. I find it somewhat silly that he almost makes fun of Sony pushing LBP over Resistance 2, when LBP is coming out before R2.

Also, the trend of showing games TOO EARLY is one that the entire industry is guilty of. Capcom with RE5, Konami with MGS4... MS is guilt of it just as much as Sony. Alan Wake? Splinter Cell from Ubisoft? I think the industry itself needs to start holding their press releases until the game is closer to launch personally.

IdleLeeSiuLung3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

You made some good points, but in some ways you answered your own question. Sony has a history of showing off early concept work that is expected to be released far far into the future. Problem with this is that there are a lot of promises that get's made and they get old when they constantly get delayed and expectations aren't met. See what happened to Home.... MS is guilty of this as well, but they don't show stuff that aren't ready sans Too Human.

Development issues are on both sides of the coin, it's just that PS3's limitations are many more and more costly due to the wierd architecture choice that isn't necessarily best for game development.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

I agree with you as well he brings up good points for the XBOX 360, but fails to bring up advantages of the PlayStation 3. When a person does this they're bias because they have to twist / not mention everything to look good.

The thing with the PlayStation 3 best / worst of the console would be the architecture. At first it maybe difficult, but in the end will be the future of running games better.

Cenobia3419d ago

Yeah, I definitley agree that there is such a thing as to early when releasing gaming info. Home is definitley a good example of that. I do hate seeing something awesome just to be made to wait for a year or more. It does feel like Sony is guilty of this pretty often, but we can understand why since they had trouble with games at launch. It can even be pretty devastating if they cancel one of those early announced titles (like Eight Days or the Getaway).

I just think it was a bad argument for the author to make at this point in time. We can see a large part of the future Sony has laid out for us, but MS' is largely shrouded in mystery right now. I think that gives an advantage to Sony rather than Microsoft.

Of course, there are likely a number of titles in the works for both consoles that no one knows anything about. And I'd kill for Team ICO information regardless of how far away it is.

Thugbot1873419d ago

Very good read. I like the last point the most. Why blindly lock yourself into one console.

Man_of_the_year3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Uhh.. he clearly states that there was an article where someone wrote that states the advantages about the he is doing one about the 360...why would he mention positive points about the PS3 when the whole reason is because he is pointing out the advantages about the 360...your post was completely ignorant. Use your head or atleast read the articles better.

THIS IS AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES THAT THE 360 HAS - - - OFCOURSE IT'S GOING TO BE BIAS. Wow you Sony fanboys just never let up...even with an article entitled "The New Advantages of the Xbox 360" you guys still think the writer should still point out the PS3's advantages...

Time_Is_On_My_Side3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

lol, yes it's a contradicting article, but I grantee if I made one and posted on N4G no one could contradict me. I'm sure of it and because the article states "Advantages of the XBOX 360" it doesn't mean it's going to be bias. Being bias means that you twist what is actually work. If this happens than it isn't actually true meaning it isn't really an advantage.

Generally when something is bias it means it isn’t actually true. Example, a title that states “A Man Gives Birth” eventually you find out other things. The man was actually born a woman and took hormone pills to change her look. In conclusion the title is false because the “man” is actually a woman. This wasn’t really an example of bias, but when will come out of something bias. A true example would be, all video games cause violence in kids or all black people are gangsters and will kill if provoked.

The title was a hook to get you to read, but in the end everything can be contradicted easily. Documentaries are also bias as well because it’s an opinion with little facts. In simple terms I'm saying this person didn't articulate himself, Michael A, when writing this article. Articulation goes beyond just spelling correctly, but validating those opinions with solid facts.

Man_of_the_year3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

The point i was making is why would he mention advantages about the PS3 if the article is clearly about the 360. You were asking "fails to bring up advantages of the PlayStation 3." Well DUH!!! He didn't fail to bring up the advantages of the just had nothing to do with the article as it was about the advantages of the 360 not the PS3.

To even say that he fails to bring up the advantages of the PS3 in an article about the the advantages of the 360 is just conmpletely ignorant on such a HUGE scale.

dantesparda3419d ago

this article is moronic and very biased (i would even go as far as saying fanboyish!). Cuz for starters, he starts of by saying that the PS3 firmware updates are unreliable just because firmware 2.40 was to SOME people. Then he acts like the 360 firmwares arent unreliable by saying that they are so rock solid, when its the 360 firmware updates that have bricked many peoples systems on many updates. Then he goes on to say that of course the 360 firmware updates would be stable cuz they are made by Microsoft, WHAT!!!? is he serious!? Microsoft!? come on! they are notoriously known for making unreliable OS'es. Where does this guy live? in MS fanboy land? come on! this is just completely and utterly absurb and shows where his minds at!

Then he says that the 360 "usually" gets exclusive DLC. Once again, this statement is retarded because A.) its only really happened once on GT4IV, and guess what? that DLC isnt even out yet. 2.)It's only gonna happen on two more games that we know of for now, Fallout 3 and Tomb Raiders (and who the hell even cares about Tomb Raiders anymore?)

Then he goes on to state that the 360 will have most of the GOTY games this year, but then only states 1 game. ONE!!! (Gears). That's pathetic! that's really, really pathetic, to list of just one game? cuz really there isnt anything else. Cuz we all know what crap Too Human was, NG2 is weak and very last gen. What GTAIV? multiplatform, and not to many people liked it. What else? Viva Pinata 2? No thank you, im not no little kid. Banjo Kazooie 2? no thank you. Fable 2? no thanks, dont like, dont like the way it looks and dont like that type of game.

And i could keep going but rather not waste my time and end it here. The bottomline, is after reading the article, its is obvious that the author is being completely and utterly fanboyish. No fairness what-so-ever. Peace! Im out!

IdleLeeSiuLung3419d ago

I must agree with man_of_the_year here. If you are writing a piece of opinion supporting the advantages of 360, why the heck are you talking about advantages of PS3?

If you don't understand that, you should either stay in school or go back to school. It is English 101....

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blackboyunltd3420d ago

wow actually some good points

The Makr3419d ago

R2 is coming out sooner. That make no sense to me either. Sony is repeatedly caught hyping stuff a year too early. I'm already sick of Home and LBP and they are not even out yet.

running rampid3420d ago

good read. makes valid points.