So Just How Close Are The Microsoft & Square Enix Booths?

Kotaku: "Let's TGS. We'd heard Microsoft and Square Enix were close this TGS. That they were best buds. That their booths were right next to each other. So, just how close were they?"

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Johnny Rotten3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Kotaku has quite the hard one for the Xbox. There in Tokyo and this is the "news" they come up with?

Lanoire3512d ago

I said it before yesterday and Ill say it again. SE is not buddies with MS. SEs only has one buddy: MONEY.

They are in it for the money and nothing else.

Buddies my ass.

Beast_Master3512d ago

They are business partners. Square creates their worst RPGs exclusively for Microsoft. I would be real friendly with any customer that I ripped off regularly and they kept saying thank you, more please and here is some more money.
Mean while SE biggest franchises FF and KH (2 PSP games and a rumored KH3 for PS3) are going to Sony, with only FF13 going multi-plat.

360 man3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

so close dat dere bumming each other

FxckOSX3512d ago

M$ loves SE, SE loves M$'s money.
oh, happy end!