3D Sonic Games Have Failed, But They Can Succeed Again

The Sonic series isn’t dead and it never was. It was damaged for quite some time, but with a little love and care, Sega can get gather enough momentum to clear those giant loops once again.

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Shiken353d ago

What they need to do is create a game like Sonic BOOM was SUPPOSED to be before all of the downgrades, rushing, and cut content. That game was nothing but wasted potential IMO.

Starman69353d ago

We need a sonic game that plays like mario. Focus on being a solid platformer instead of being a ballistic speed free running blink of blue with little skill involved or playability value

Swiftfox353d ago

I think you hit the nail on the head. Most Sonic 3D titles play more like racers than they would a platformer with Sonic on rails in scripted events requiring little interaction and reducing the player to the role of vigilant spectator. I agree Sonic needs to be developed as a platformer you can go fast in rather than an on rails "blink of blue" fest you input buttons for occasionally.

Starman69353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

The people at Sega have lost their way. Back in the day they had a good 15-20 exclusive in-house games. We all loved them. Where are they now? Someone should buy them out or take charge and put those tm games to good use!! The teams died a horrible death. I mean, Where is Sonic all star racers 3 ffs!? First two were freeking dynanmite. =)

353d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman352d ago

I'd be happy with a remake of Sonic Adventure 2 at this point, but without the shooter and emerald-hunter side levels.

Barring that, just make something great like Sonic Colors. No need for a lot of twists or custom characters, just a single easy-to-use gimmick or two to freshen things up, and aside from that, let speed and platforming be the key elements.

Tross352d ago

Maybe they should stop repeatedly trying to CPR Sonic and give us fresh entries in series SEGA has been sitting on for years instead, or just give us new IPs. That would solve the problem.