Developers Create the NCGP to Self-Regulate the Industry

The whole microtransaction and Loot Box fiasco has created a lot of concern from a lot of entities. We’ve seen government organizations from Australia, Belgium, England and France showing their concern about these issues. Some developers noticed this and took matters into their own hands, as such, we see the foundation of the National Committee for Games Policy

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UCForce355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

This is step right direction for video game industry. Seriously, video game publishers shouldn’t gone too far with MT and loot boxes in AAA games. These things shouldn’t belong in AAA games in first place. Hopefully in the future, video game developers and publishers will have more self control.

Many-hat5353d ago

Self regulation does not work. Who watches the watchers.

Platinum_Fan354d ago

Yay, EA, Activsion, Ubisoft, 2k and all the other companies created an organization to tell them what they are doing is perfectly ok.

Self regulation equals no regulation.

yellowgerbil353d ago

They also are members of the ESRB's organization and there is nothing shady there so why would you think their involvement here would be?

Platinum_Fan353d ago

The ESRB doesn't effect there ability to make money the way an organization "regulating" microtransactions would.

And many would argue that the ESRB hasn't stopped or even slowed the spread of violent games.

This is just an excuse to keep any kind of real regulation from taking hold.

Many-hat5353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Ask the police, the press, the lawyers, the bankers, and countless other organizations that self regulate how that worked out for the people. If you have a vested interest in the outcome, how can you remain independent and objective. Answer: you can't !

Sgt_Slaughter354d ago

In other news, nothing will be accomplished with that. You cannot just create your own organization made up of fellow members that created the problem and say it's fixing it.

An independent third-party has to be the one to create/form a committee like this for any real change to occur.

yellowgerbil353d ago

Read up on your history. this is exactly the same scenario as with the ESRB. Gov threatened to step in and regulate them over violence so they created their own board to regulate and rate games. Pretty much all major publishers are members is the company that runs the ESRB.

Many-hat5353d ago

And make sure they have teeth to act if need be.

ShaunCameron353d ago

So you much rather have the government regulate the industry?

bluefox755353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Good. I'd rather that than the government swooping in and mucking everything up. We had the government try to get involved with games in the 90's, it wasn't a good thing. You give them an inch, and they'll take a mile.

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