NBA 2K18 Patch 6 Notes / Details: Fixes Glitches, Bugs, & MJ’s Tongue More ‘Mike-Like’

NBA 2K18 Patch 6 update has been released for Xbox One and coming soon to PS4, PC & Switch.

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Bismarn385d ago

I know NBA 2K series is very popular sales-wise, but I feel like that demographic doesn't visit N4G. These stories generate 0 heat.

Gemmol384d ago

I agree and I'm a big 2k fan

C-H-E-F384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

lOl, well because most of the fanbase is PLAYING the game not on the boards... it's a different kind of game, you don't need to be on the boards to validate your money spent lOl. I come here for pure game news/updates and I play all kinds of games so i like to stay up to date with whats new, what's fresh, what's going on.

YEP414384d ago

This game fell off period