‘Super Mario 64’ Still Matters, Even 20 Years Since Its Release

The palpable passion and eternal quality of the classic platformer deserves to remain a source of inspiration and aspiration for developers for many years to come.

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PhoenixUp384d ago

Why would the game that established how 3D movement in games should handle suddenly not matter

NohansenBoy384d ago

Did Mario 64 really do as much as "establish how 3D movement" in games to such a great degree though? Statements like this makes me think people would've accepted anything from Mario 64 upon release. I'm just saying, if Mario 64 established 3D movement in games to such a great degree then Banjo Kazooie took that bar and put it so high that even Sunshine barely beats out BK with how much BK improved 3D movement. BK just feels so much better to control than Mario from Mario 64.

Not to mention there's still those possible statements from ex Argonaut Games employees that Nintendo stole most of Mario 64's 3D movement from a tech demo presented to Nintendo as a pitch for a Yoshi game that later became Croc. Given Nintendo's track record with anti-trust suits years prior, I wouldn't be surprised if these statements were made from kept hushed up really well.

badz149384d ago

don't even bother arguing with Nintendo fanboys.

sinspirit384d ago

We're talking about pioneering proper 3D movement. Not perfecting it. History aside, the product itself pioneered proper 3D movement. It's more important for the industry.

NohansenBoy384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

I still think it gets too much credit and it doesn't deserve the credit it gets if that history is true. I grew up with this game too, but if there was some foul play involved in its creation then of course I'm going to call it out. It sucks that a relic will loose value, but shouldn't corruption always be called out to better the industry and not preserve a false legacy?

If our generation doesn't call it out, then the next generation will. Mario 64's legacy will die with those who grew up with it.

PhoenixUp384d ago

@ Nohan

You can’t deny how influential SM64 has been on this industry. Of course there would be later games that would improve upon this foundation, but that doesn’t make the foundation irrelevant.

@ badz

People who state facts are fanboys?

CaptainSellers384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

I would gobble up a full switch remake of this so fast

UltraNova384d ago

I came here to say just that! Forget the new Mario, I'd buy a Switch for a full on Mario 64 remake in a heart beat.

Relientk77384d ago

I want a full remake of this on Switch and yes I would buy it

zb1ftw777384d ago

Whilst 3D Mario set the industry on the path of how to create an excellent 3D platform adventure and eventually led to Odyssey being created, people need to realise that 2D Mario was where things started and that 3D still has a long way to go in creating the same fluidity of the original.

Cmv38384d ago

I loved 2d Mario, i could never get into 3d Mario.

chris235384d ago

why is it then that i would rather chop both my thumbs off before i tried another tired-formula nintendo jumper? i stopped supporting nintendo years ago cause there is no evolution at all in their games. completely stale.

bluefox755384d ago

The best 3D Mario game to date IMO.

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