GeForce GTX 260 reloaded vs. the Radeon HD 4870 1GB

The Tech Report: "The cheapskates of the world seemed to enjoy our recent look at relatively inexpensive video cards, and rightly so. For perhaps the first time in recent memory, we found considerable value in graphics cards that cost less than $100. But today we separate the bargain-minded from the merely cheap by considering a pair of high-end graphics cards that offer substantial value in their own right. Tight competition between AMD and Nvidia has resulted in two new video cards that redefine their end of the market for just a smidgen under 300 bucks. Rather stealthily, Nvidia has ramped up the performance of its GeForce GTX 260 by enabling an additional thread processing cluster and cranking up clock speeds. Meanwhile, AMD has made its Radeon HD 4870 even more potent by doubling the onboard memory to a full gigabyte. The question is: Has Nvidia done enough to catch up with AMD, or will the additional memory allow the Radeon to hold on to its performance advantage? We aim to find out."

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