Why I’m Done with Grinding

The gaming grind is more commonplace now than ever. Here's why FingerGuns are done with the gaming grind.

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MonChiChi50d ago

To each their own. On to the next opinion article posted.

VideoGamesAreDumb50d ago

To each their own. On to the next comment.

MonChiChi49d ago

awww, struck a cord with some people :( too bad, I love JRPG's and grinding, so again to each their own.

VideoGamesAreDumb49d ago

awww, struck a cord with some people :( too bad, I love insightful comments, so again to each their own.

NiteX50d ago

So then you're done with playing every single online game ever created?

KillBill49d ago

No... because not every online game ever created is a grind. Many such online games can be enjoyed simply for the competition against other opponents. The opposite of grinding for the sake of grinding.

Woolly_50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

this is the reason I don't play a lot of RPGs..

Cyborgg50d ago

I love RPGs. Every gamer is different 😁👍🏻

-Gespenst-50d ago

I play a lot of RPGs, and I hate the grinding / farming. However, the story, the world, and the music often make up for it - sometimes only just about though.

FullmetalRoyale50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I agree. I hate when grinding feels like a grind. It really comes down to the combat system. If I find it genuinely interesting I tend to grind often. But sometimes only a great storyline can save the repetition of the grind. Hell I put Persona 5 on easy after 70 hours because I couldn’t stand the grind anymore. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the combat, but the dungeon crawling(to me) is secondary to the social aspects and the story.

KillBill49d ago

True that a lot of RPGs have a built-in grind to them if the player chooses to take that route.

Lighter950d ago

I actually liked grinding in RDR. The gang hideouts, the challenges, and especially having a friend helps too.

LiamKreptic50d ago

There is different types of grind. You can’t just say you are done with grind. That’s like saying I am done with fruit so there should be no more fruit. You have multiplayer grind...rpg grind...achievement grind...rank grind...there is just so much types of grind that it can’t just be taken away.

Be more specific on what grind you hate...then maybe you will learn not to buy those games. Just like learning what fruit you hate and then learning to get rid of hat fruit.

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The story is too old to be commented.