GTA Online's Casino Not Opening Might Have Been A Good Thing

GTA 5 Cheats says "Rockstar dodged a bullet with this one."

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Goldby355d ago

Unless they were planning a heist or two around it. Rob the casino. Rob a prize winning horse

chris235354d ago

imagine the tonloads of additional cash they could have reeked in with an MT-casino. on top of the ridiculous amount they are making with their online crap. i would have taken the bullet and cashed in bigtime. obviously people want to get ripped off badly.

letsa_go354d ago

Reaped, not reeked. Reeked is like if you were smelly ;)

Cmv38354d ago

with the introduction of shark cards, yeah bad idea. But if no mt, would have been a great idea.

bluefox755354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

I have no problem with gambling in and of itself, I mean the game is for adults, so what's the harm? The problem comes in when you have to gamble just to progress without grinding. I think this is an important distinction to make, because unless you're a puritan or have some moral qualm with it, gambling is a normal activity that many adults enjoy. Just keep it separate from game progress.

Universal 08354d ago

Unfortunately a lot of games that are meant for adults end up in kids hands and a lot of kids dont have the understanding of the value of money when its digital or via credit cards.

Crazyglues354d ago

This is sad, all we needed is another place to rob, the casino would have been perfect as a new heist location...

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