Who Else Should Make ‘Classic Edition’ Consoles?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Nintendo struck gold with their Classic Series of consoles. Both their miniaturized NES and SNES consoles sold like crazy when they hit store shelves with many people still furiously mashing F5 to try to get one of these elusive throwback systems. But while they might be the gaming firm that most often calls back to their classics, Nintendo definitely doesn’t hold a monopoly on the idea and other companies could very much release their own, proper Classic Edition system. But who would? And who would we want to bring out a tiny version of their past game consoles? Here’s my take."

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PhoenixUp353d ago

Sega could make official ones of their own

darthv72352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

I'm surprised Sega hasn't made ones to be honest. There were a few from years back that were 3rd party (made by Radica) that looked like mini model 2's (no cart port) and had controllers hard wired into them. You could either use batteries or an AC power adapter and they had like 6 games built in. Pretty good ports too and didnt have sound issues like AT Games systems generally do.

I have the blue controller one and the red controller one and both have different games pre-installed.

thorstein351d ago

A Classic Genesis would be my top choice.

specialguest351d ago

Sega knows not to release one, because no one wants them. There's already an unofficial one sold at major retail stores, but it's not selling well. Besides the Sonic games, Sega don't have memorable classic games. Most of their games have been forgotten with time, where as Nintendo classic series still lives on today.

RosweeSon350d ago

Because it’s cheap and unofficial. I mean who talks about sonic, streets of rage and shenmue these days. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙇 🏻‍♂️🤫🤓

ninsigma353d ago

Ps1 classic would be awesome. Trouble is there's far too many games that would deserve a spot!

TedCruzsTaint351d ago

Dreamcast Classic.
That is all.

ZombieKiller351d ago

Everyone should. If they do, they should make it with a micro SD slot and network connectivity. That way we could play 2 player couch co-op online and download additional games if we want.

-Foxtrot351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

No one...they need to stop focusing on classic consoles and put them on their online store

I'd be annoyed if Sony decided to make a PS1 mini rather then put the PS1 classics we had on the PS3 on the PS4. I bought so many and didn't finish some of them, I want to redownload the stuff I paid for.

People wanting these are delaying them going on online stores.

RosweeSon350d ago

That’s why I kept my Vita.

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