Dragon Quest IX TGS Trailer Off-camera Video

Check out this new amazing video.

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PS360WII3567d ago

Haters am cry. This game looks amazing for DS and looks like a true blue Dragon Quest game. All the characters change looks with equip battles still turn based but enemies are see in the open world. This will be the game to own :)

ud3567d ago

this game is coming out on the DS

PS360WII3567d ago

It's really a shame you can't get past the fact that this DS game is truely a golden game and will be just as good if not better then DQVIII which was on the PS2.

superman3567d ago

Is that the DS. I can't believe it. It looks so amazing.

SuicidalTendencies3567d ago

It looks damn good for a hand held game. I'll never play it unfortunately. I don't like hand held systems. It's a shame cause I really enjoyed the last DQ game.