Analysts Skeptical Of THQ, Dead Space, Ahead Of Likely Poor September NPD

Ahead of September NPD results, many analysts now say that flat sales growth would be a best-case scenario -- but hardware and software declines are more likely.

Analysts have warned for weeks that September would suffer in year-over-year comparisons to Halo 3's launch month -- Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey expects a double-digit percentage slump for software in September alongside a low single-digit percentage decline for hardware, "despite Microsoft's bullish sell-through comments at the Tokyo Game Show."

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Nineball21123449d ago

so, I'll agree that year to year comparisons will show that September 08 will have lower software and hardware sales comparted to September 07.

However, I think hardware sales will be larger in September 08 than August 08.

Now, where can I pick up my check for my astute predictions?