The Most Underappreciated Online Multiplayer - The Last of Us (Discussion)

"Today, I want to shed some light on an underappreciated aspect of The Last of Us, its online multiplayer. Curtis Sleme and I sit down and chat about why The Last of Us online is among our favorite multiplayer games." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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andrewsquall293d ago

Sorry, I just don't play online multiplayer parts to games no matter how awesome they are.

293d ago
AspiringProGenji293d ago

Your loss. I spent a full year playing this on Ps4 and met new friends. I moved on but still remains as one of my top MP games

BlackTar187293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

I spent over a year on this MP. I find it to be the best MP of last gen if you like Teamwork and strategy.

Basically if you love Socom 1-2 than this game is for you. The Pay to make winning easier was stupid though

KickSpinFilter293d ago

Amazing MP really felt different from what was out at the time, much like the Awesome MP in UC4 that I am still playing although a little less now that COD WWII is out. ;]

welly300293d ago

Loved it one of the best online shooters that did somethin a little different.

Araragifeels 293d ago

But too bad TLOU multiplayer became somewhat pay to win when they decided to sell weapons behind DLC which the gun are too op. So people who bought get more of an advantage in killing people fasters.

toddybad292d ago

Tactical shotgun for the win

MonChiChi293d ago

Sure ill catch some flak for this, but I would say WKC online. I am big into the whole jprpg online grind with friends. I loved the community and was the game that sky rocketed me into more eastern MMO's.

shammgod292d ago

Ohh, I forgot about that one. That was a fun time!

ZehnDrachen293d ago

This is probably the best MP on Playstation. It reminds me alot of Gear of War in terms of teamwork and skill curve. I’ve clocked in so many hours playing this gams.

iDadio293d ago

Is there anything better than a bow headshot though

2pacalypsenow293d ago

Man Ill never forget the fun I had in GeOW 1-2.

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The story is too old to be commented.