TGS 2008: PSP PlayStation Store First Look

IGN: "As we reported earlier in our flash report live from Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, the PSP will be getting direct access to the PlayStation Store on October 15th. This was actually just one of a number of network-related announcements from the company."

Click the link below for more details plus pictures!

Here's a direct link to an image showing the PSN and PS Store icon on the PSP's XMB:

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LoVeRSaMa3388d ago

Very nice, although i cant wait for my PSN contact list on there :)

Vip3r3388d ago

Is that to be added too? I thought it was just the store.

whoelse3388d ago

There is no friends list icon on the PSPs XMB.

LoVeRSaMa3388d ago

It is to be added yes ^_^

& and theres no friends Icon Yet, as there isnt a Store icon yet =D

Sony said that the PSN friends list will be coming to PSP and it will also be a 3rd party application for PC and possibly Mac.

They have already incorporated the PSN friends list on PlayStation underground [=

BrunoM3388d ago

humm ok so that was the press ??? and wheres the 14 games ? .. just asking and no im not a fan boy i got a ps3 lol... only that i remeber the 14 games post here about 2 days ago

LoVeRSaMa3388d ago

Sony will be showing tomorrow, (or tonight if your in Europe ;p)

BrunoM3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

lol Thanks SAMA ... so tonight in europe means in the afternon here in northamerica .. ok il wait and to see these games ERRR lol...

i just hope ZOE3 comes out of there if it does il take everything i have on off and run outside naked .. ul seeme on cnn running on the redsox game naked lol...

darthv723388d ago


Been waiting for this since Kaz did his whole riiidddgggeee racer thing. Now they need to address memory issues for the PSP. I have said it many times, virtual memory in the form of memstick caching. I wouldnt mind offering up 256mb of my stick for use as extra memory for the browser or games.

Come on sony...make it happen!