Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.06 is Live, Patch Notes Detailed

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.06 is live for download.

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FITgamer54d ago

"Campaign Mode
 - It is now possible to play the campaign modewhile offline. "
Nice I find myself on during maintenance hours often.

Nitrowolf254d ago

This is great, I'm hoping in the december update they add offline gamesaves

nix53d ago

Did anyone notice how Beetle GT3 drives... it was really comfy car now it's back flipping left right and centre. time to switch on all the assists, i guess.

Cupofjoe53d ago

This the campaign mode update?

DarkZane53d ago

GT league is actually due out sometime in december, which is the career mode.

Minimox1653d ago

thanks for the info, i was trying to find that and can't find anything about GT league, I want to know if those will will count for the Win trophy.

Father__Merrin53d ago

I knew this would constantly be updated. Worth the money I'm on 18h at the mo

IRetrouk53d ago

The game is great, really looking forward to decembers update, put in over 70 hours so far.

Father__Merrin53d ago

Hope they release classic GT tracks also. There's so much they can add to the game it will always evolve. I can recall GT5 2.0 update, it was a different game from 1.0

IRetrouk53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Yeah i would like some of the older tracks back too, they did say that news of new tracks is coming, hopefully they give us some new details a psx.

madforaday53d ago

I really want more games to go this route. A developer making a good game with a great foundation for future updates. I remember the Rocket League developers got asked a question about Rocket League 2. They said, we really couldn't make a drastically different game to even think of making a Rocket League 2. The most different mode we have is rumble and we put that as DLC.

Games that are built around MP NEED to go this route. We shouldn't be buying the same game year after year. I get that games like Last Of Us should have sequels

windblowsagain53d ago

Great game.

All improvements and tracks/cars are welcome.

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The story is too old to be commented.