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Pennywise3481d ago

ZZZZZ. Everything at TGS so far is nothing but predictable. Can we please get some excitement going?

B-Rein3481d ago

damn there is only 1 reason i shud keep my 360 now and thats tales of vesperia, im gonna get ps3 version of SO4 now

Lanoire3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )


Some of these xbots went so far as to say Star Ocean 4 looked BETTER than WHITEKNIGHT (rofl who are they kidding).

ROFL PS3 IS MOPPING THE FLOOR WITH 360 at TGS so far (whiteknight, Sackboy snake, Sackboy Sephiroth, 9 soon to be announced new IPs, Quatum theory, Demons Souls).


Montrealien3481d ago

I agree, saw this one coming from a mile away. More people will be able to enjoy this game, that is all that matters.

Pain3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Its not like SE to Screw the Home crowd with another shoddy so called Xbox Exclusive..

Now the kiddys can buy the Better version.

PS3 version always.

GiantEnemyCrab3481d ago

@1.3: Sorry fishhead you just owned yourself. There has been no confirmation and you got taken by a news story that should be marked as rumor. Sony's announcements came and went and nowhere was SO confirmed.

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mohib-uddin79865323481d ago ShowReplies(9)
fashionfreakj863481d ago

Liar...can you trust Finaland???

King Me3481d ago

It's foolish to think microsoft would pay for permanent exclusivity of Star Ocean 4,so expect a "Ps3 version" official announcement sometime after the 360 release.

agmsd3481d ago

Wiii... PS3 is getting a release after a year or two or is it three. come on. The hell with SE. I don't care about their games anymore.

vhero3481d ago

its obvious this wasnt gonna stay exclusive as sony is outselling 360 in europe the same reason why ff went multi play because ms was outselling sony in US. It makes sense people.

Ariexv3481d ago

Yea, TGS is going on and Finland Reports this? lmao Ps3 fans wish they could get a true AAA exclusive JRPG like SO4.

PirateThom3481d ago

Star Ocean 4 was never exclusive. Neither Microsoft or Square Enix said it was.

juuken3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

It was never an exclusive.

nieto23481d ago

are you forgetting about White Knight Chronicles?

SixTwoTwo3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

IMO this is less shocking than the Tekken 6 announcement. Star Ocean TLH was never announced as a 360 exclusive.

Mozilla893481d ago

Did Microsoft pay money for Tekken 6? If so I find it kinda funny cause Sony didn't pay for Star Ocean but Microsoft paid for Tekken 6.

Rick Astley3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Tri-Ace has never made a AAA RPG and their last one, Infinite Undiscovery, failed even more than Lost Odyssey. While you're the one that's hoping for a true AAA RPG, PS3 fans already have FF Versus XIII and White Knight Chronicles confirmed exclusive for their console. Sad isn't it? So many RPG's on 360 and they all failed to live up to the hype. Who's the desperate one, really?

@Mozilla: Microsoft paid for every stolen exclusive. Just like they paid for GTA IV, just like they paid for Fallout 3 DLC, just like they paid for DMC4, just like they paid for Tomb Raider DLC, etc. They aren't paying for their own exclusives, they're paying for 3rd party games to go multi-plat and DLC. Sad lol. Sony focuses on publishing new IP's, Microsoft focuses of stealing old franchises that we've been playing for years already.

meepmoopmeep3481d ago

told ya so, way back in E3

Megatron083481d ago

When has finland ever broke any kind of gaming news ? Even if there is any truth to this what is actually says is "a possible PS3 version"

UltimateIdiot9113481d ago

I disagree, only 1 title comes to mine. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, that was definitely a really good game.

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nieto23481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

at last S-E is giving a little bit of love to the ps3 owners. i think i'm going to cry... ;-(

well if this is true obviously.... if not then they can GTF out of here!