Demon’s Souls Online Services to Go Offline in February 2018

Sony Japan has confirmed that Demon’s Souls online features will go offline on February 28, 2018.

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naruga382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

exactly and i m bit sad , is the true end of PS3...though the SP remains extremely replayable with its unsurpassable atmsphere and i m still making some mini walkthroughs from time to time one of these games that imo must not be remaked without proper respect and attention

ocelot07382d ago

Agreed I do hope they do remaster it for PS4 ASAP. Old Monk is possibly the best boss ever. Simply because it was not a CPU but in fact another player.

Deep-throat381d ago

Good thing the game is fully emulated on PC now. Looks ace in 4K or higher.

nitus10380d ago

With the servers going offline it will be almost impossible to get a world white soul tendency although you can still get a black soul tendency (just die a lot). http://demonssouls.wikidot....


Emulation or even a remaster (not likely although you never know) if the servers are down then you will never be able to invade worlds, fight off invaders or even help other players.

381d ago
_-EDMIX-_381d ago

Exactly I'm actually a bit surprised I actually thought this was already offline a long time ago.

ziggurcat381d ago

so did I, then I found out they extended it due to public demand.

TheSaint381d ago

Makes me want to pick up a PS3 just to play this again.

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ritchi45382d ago

Hopefully it's to make way for Demon's Souls PS4 servers. Fingers crossed for an announcement at PSX

FITgamer381d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Man I also want Bloodborne 2 more than anything right now.

Goldby381d ago

doing a playthrough of bloodborne right now with a friend.

i love the Chikage bloodtinge build :)

FITgamer381d ago

@Goldby Ayy! lol that was favorite build of the base game. Then then they released the The Old Hunters and I am all about the Rakuyo.

nucky64381d ago

at this point, I'd take demon souls ANYTHING for ps4 - come on, sony!

nitus10380d ago

All they need to do is bring out a Demon's Souls and Dark Souls remaster for the PS4. This would be especially attractive if the games were 1080p @ 60 fps (Hint!) just like they did with Dark Souls II.

DarXyde381d ago

Very possible. It would explain what Miyazaki has been up to.

Dragonscale381d ago

That would be absolutely awesome. Unlikely but still awesome.

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Movefasta1993381d ago

Since 09 no games that I have played have been able to surpass it. When my friend first showed me gameplay of demon,I thought it looked slow and it had bad graphics.and then I played it and it became my favourite game ever.never judge a book by its cover.

Chaos_Order381d ago

This echoes my own experience. When people first started hyping it just before the Japanese release, I checked out some gameplay and thought it looked crap. "People are just hyping because it's a PS3 exclusive, move along." Then I finally got around to playing it, and it was an instant 10/10 and my favourite RPG ever, and started off my favourite series in all of gaming. Didn't see that one coming...

MajorLazer380d ago

Same. I figured I'd give it a try and I was hooked from the first second. Literally my favourite series ever

meganick381d ago

Dark Souls 1 surpassed it.

Movefasta1993381d ago

I love that game to,I think it’s a tie personally.

Dragonscale381d ago

Agreed, to a point. Both games are classics along with BB.

Chaos_Order381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

I mean, sure, I personally prefer Dark Souls, but it's still a really close call and Demon's Souls is still incredible. It has easily the best sense of atmosphere of any of the Souls games, and it's a real marvel how such a low budget game that was expected to sell under 100,000 units was still so utterly brilliant. I can understand why many still consider it to be the best in the series.

Imalwaysright380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I agree with Movefasta. Love them both equally and I can't decide which one is better because although very similar, imo Dark does gameplay better but Demon's does atmosphere better. What I do know is that they're my favorite last gen games.

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sinspirit381d ago

Yeah. I always found it more beautiful artistically and the graphics were fair so it always drew me in aesthetically.

If they re-release it and add DLC for the "last world"(the broken stone in the Nexus) then it would be absolutely insane. A graphics revamp would be astounding as well.

gangsta_red381d ago

Not a bad run for an online game.

Imalwaysright380d ago

And to think that an european release wasn't originally planned. It's the only game that I ever imported.

staticall381d ago

Sad, no more Acid Cloud and Scraping Spear trolling...

P. S.: Funny thing is, servers will be online for 9 years, all without microtransactions and any server upkeep fees. Yet much bigger companies like 2k, Activision, EA, Ubisoft can't do that.

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