No One Will Be Happy With WoW Classic

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "A week ago, my lil’ bro wrote an article here on Link-Cable titled ‘Why I’m Cautiously Optimistic for WoW Classic‘ and while I’m happy that he’s looking forward to revisiting the early days of World of Warcraft, I’m much more pessimistic about the whole thing. And I mean really, who do they think is going to want to go back to the version that launched in 2004? The game has changed considerably since then, mostly for the better, and I doubt that offering ‘classic’ WoW will bring new players to the MMO behemoth. So for my take on this whole ‘WoW Classic’ thing, let me point out why I don’t think anyone will be happy with what Blizzard has to offer in its return to version 1.0 of Azeroth."

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MunchMiller00353d ago

"The game has changed considerably since then, mostly for the better......."

Nearly choked on my milk as I took a drink when I read that. What ensued was lots of laughter, and coughing, and more laughter. Get a clue.

iofhua353d ago

I agree. The current iteration of WoW is terrible. Cata destroyed it and it's only gone downhill since.

I predict that when they launch the classic server, it's going to crash because unexpected millions will be trying to play it all at once. Blizzard will have to launch additional classic servers and more players will be on classic than current WoW. They will burn with shame when they realize what they've been doing all these years isn't what most of their players want.

TheOttomatic91353d ago

I’ve never even played WOW but this statement is ridiculous.

slate91353d ago

I have never played WoW, but I am looking forward to giving classic a go.

Fearmonkey353d ago

I loved wow but lost interest after they released the burning Crusade. I loved Battlegrounds and the epic battles at Tauren Mill. I might have to go back to play classic for the feels and tauren mill battles again.