Linger in Shadows Review (That Gaming Site)

That Gaming Site Reviews Linger in Shadows:

Linger in Shadows is such a bizarre yet cunning creation from Plastic.
It is the first of its kind (Demoscene) for any videogame console, ever.

To be honest with you I was unsure of what to expect, even though I had done a some research on it, the whole thing confused me. But now I have the full insight of this £1.99 project!

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Nineball21123389d ago

I might have to give this one a shot. I'm surprised there are trophies with it though...

It definitely sounds like a cool concept.

Mr_cheese3389d ago

hey that gamign site have uploaded the trophie list so far! but I cant upload onto n4g now!

chaosatom3389d ago

for watching movies, than I would have bought more blu-ray discs.


GametimeUK3389d ago


whoelse3389d ago

Trophy tip: Start the game and then press start and select yes to quit. You then unlock all the areas and their trophies (all but one are silver).

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Fishy Fingers3389d ago

Exactly. That doesn't even buy me a sandwich. Especially not an 8.5/10 sandwich.

crazy250003389d ago

WOW...dude....that was deep (and im being serious too..look at the prices of everything; its rising)

PirateThom3389d ago

I don't see how someone can review this.

Mr_cheese3389d ago

if you can review a film you can review this.

PirateThom3389d ago

No, I mean it. I tried to write a review for it and I keep talking about demoscene and when I touch on the game, I feel like I'm missing the point or something. :-/

MAiKU3388d ago

because it's not a game?

S1nnerman3389d ago

Can't wait to get home (my home, not Sony Home) and download this!

crazy250003389d ago

I read the review and now im CURIOUS lol....if the gameplay is that hard to explain, then this must be either innovation or terrible controls, but it seems like innovation for this game.

The price is awesome too, how many games are this cheap for conoles?

PirateThom3389d ago

It's not a game.

The developers are stressing that, I'm stressing it.

It's a good experience, but it's not a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.