Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.45 is Live

Guerrilla Games have clearly taken no time as off as of late, as it seems they’re kicking ass trying to eliminate any issues that have appeared since release of The Frozen Wilds. Check out the huge amount of fixes and updates.

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Soulst0rmer329d ago

Guerilla Games has amazing support to its game and community

Elda329d ago

I'm so bummed I finished the entire game including The Frozen Wilds,I may hold onto it & play it again when my backlog of games start to dwindle.

morganfell329d ago

Going back through now on Ultra Hard for the last two Trophies. Platinumed the main game and 100% Frozen Wilds. All that's left is the two trophies in the New Game+ DLC and I am halfway through that. Just picked up my first two Adept level weapons and am on my way to crash the network.

AKS329d ago

Ultra Hard is all I've played since it was released. The game felt way too easy to me, but enemies felt like they posed legitimate threats with Ultra Hard. I've only played Frozen Wilds in Ultra Hard. That first enemy was quite a surprise and completely annihilated me a couple of times. I didn't realize how big and powerful it was until it charged me.

DarXyde329d ago

I always start my games on the hardest difficulty. Horizon was no exception. I always feel like you get more out of it that way. Takes you longer and you don't know where everything is or how to deal with enemies. The trade-off for most is that if you do that, you risk ruining the experience if it's too frustrating, but I embrace that. If I were you, I would start the game fresh on Ultra Hard. Great experience.

Only game I ever regretted doing that with was Catherine.

morganfell329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

Ultra Hard wasn't available when the game first released... That difficulty mode was added later in July of this year long after I had beaten the game and obviously before you started playing. It wasn't available at launch.

AKS329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

I meant since Ultra Hard was released. I was talking about only playing the DLC on Ultra Hard, clownshoes. The release dates should make that obvious. Here's another subtle clue, literally stating it in my previous comment: "I've only played Frozen Wilds in Ultra Hard."

Ultra Hard has been out months before Frozen Wilds was released.

morganfell329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

You were responding to my post. So that was the topic. Ultra Hard for the main game. If you wanted to discuss The Frozen Wilds Ultra Hard then you should have posted elsewhere. I said I was going back through for the last two trophies on Ultra Hard. Those trophies are for playing the main story on Ultra Hard, not the Frozen Wilds. I am not trying to be a jerk about it - you obviously are - but that is the way it works. When you post in a reply block you should be replying to the person in whose thread you are posting.

And childish name calling? Really?

AKS329d ago

Just trying to speak on your level. To simplify so even someone as limited as you can understand:

I've used the Ultra Hard difficulty setting since it was released in July. I've only played Frozen Wilds on Ultra Hard.

What a thin skinned weakling. You blocked me over calling you "clownshoes." LOL. That entire exchange was worth enduring for the entertainment value.

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C-H-E-F329d ago

yup i just platinum HZD, and bought the DLC but didn't start it because i have a backlog to deal with... FORTNITE is really not helping me get to the backlog either SHHHHHESH

purpleblau329d ago

I was thrilled and impressed by this game's story! Absolutely love it! Best game of the Year for me.

gijsbrecht329d ago

I still keep coming back to this game, if it was only for its gorgious world and fluid combat.

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