Fable II Online Co-Op So Making Release Date

Kotaku reports: "While Lionhead might have been mouthing "sorry" a couple weeks back when word dropped that Fable II would be shipping without the eagerly anticipated online co-op feature, they are no doubt now pumping their fists in the air and shouting "yes!" like a triumphant home alone child as they announce that they managed to make it ready for launch anyway. A post on the Fable II dev blog explains..."

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Internet Trolling Ex3569d ago

It's going to be very laggy judging by the performance of xbox live

zethos563569d ago

It's impossible to argue with an internet trolling expert because you know you're just getting trolled!

baraka0073569d ago

You sir are the king of internet trolling... No one will ever take that title from you. I bow before your greatness rant on king troll rant on.

Omega43569d ago

Hopefully reviewers will take this into account, not that the game could really be rated down when it has so much content already

Gam713569d ago

Great. Now i can play co-op midnight on release day

meepmoopmeep3569d ago

as long as lionhead doesn't rush it out just to get it out sooner.

if it needs more time to be fine tuned it will be better than
rushing it out and getting a lot of bad feedback from the media.

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The story is too old to be commented.