Microsoft: There Is No Blu Ray Add On

That Gaming Site got in touch with Microsoft to ask them about recent Blu Ray add on rumors, there response was "surprising".

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Vip3r3453d ago

Companies deny things one week then released 'said' things the next. But I doubt the 360 will get a BD drive.

Lanoire3453d ago

I mean how many TIMES DOES MS HAVE TO DENY THIS????????

Damn, get it through your thick skulls fanboys.

Blu Ray is SONY. Sony made, Sony owned. It doesnt matter whether Sony is not the only company in the Blu Ray association or not!

DiabloRising3453d ago

Lanoire... you clearly know nothing of BUSINESS. Did you know SONY Vaio Laptops come loaded with MICROSOFT Windows Vista? The two companies have worked in tandem for a long time, they just take pot shots at one another within their gaming divisions.

If BD continues to take off and Digital Downloads continue to horribly lag, expect to see BD on an MS console, as a "choice" as so many love to put it.

Lanoire3453d ago

It doesnt matter what Sony laptops come installed with.


DiabloRising3453d ago

Aw, looks like I hit a nerve. It's just a freaking storage format, one that many movie enthusiasts enjoy. Stop acting so butthurt and grow up. IF it continues to do well, MS would be silly not to offer it as an OPTION.

Rob0g0rilla3453d ago

If you think Microsoft is going to use DVD in there next Xbox then you really live under a rock. Blu-ray will be in the next Xbox. It wouldn't make any sense for them not to have it in the next Xbox.

Elven63453d ago

They can choose a proprietary format for the next Xbox as well so I wouldn't rely on the Xbox 3/Blu Ray has a safety net, is Microsoft apart of the BDA?

Thugbot1873453d ago

@ OnslaughtX – I have to ask you do you know anything about business. It’s not surprise Microsoft wants BLU RAY to fail and for good reason. It’s not in their company’s interest to promote it.
BLU RAY uses Java for as the standard platform for its disc. If you know anything about MS and its other products MS has been kicking Java’s but in development with its .NET platform. So if BLU-RAY takes hold it gives Java a much needed boost to the language.
Next the extra hoopla of copy protection that goes into BLU RAY disc was seen as a hassle for MS. Not to say its small disc size does not adequately serve the PC market.

Let’s not forget video on-demand service that Microsoft is trying to get a huge part in.

No look at all the BLU-RAY manufactures at the moment none are netting a profit for BLU-RAY players because most consumers aren’t on board. They had to liquidate and cut the price just to have a chance at staying something consumers want to pickup and not forget. Example Samsungs director saying he doesn’t see it being around longer than 5yrs.

So tell us why would MS want to add BLU-RAY to its console. The 360 is doing fine without it… Latest figures if I’m not mistaken show a boost in sales worldwide and they still don’t have BLURAY.

Lanoire3452d ago

The next xbox may very well adapt Blu Ray but it is not their choice. It will be the choice of Sony.

To get in Sony will ask a ridiculous amount of royalty payment. So much in fact, that MS itself will earn everything for Sony.
Now the real question is, will MS swallow their pride and just pay up and consider the money flush down the drain or will they let their huge ego lead the way.

Either way, Sony dont care. Blu Ray is the next medium format and thats the way it is no matter what you fanboys think.

"next xbox will get it" - blah blah blah. So shove it down your throat. Next xbox...if it is still around that is.

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Lanoire3453d ago

And these god damned stupid xbots need to get it through their thick skulls.

You want blu ray? Get a PS3, biatch!

TheXgamerLive3453d ago

MS continues to say "NO" BR will ever be used by MS or the Xbox 360, NEVER! but it's you fake wannabe fony sony trolls, who continue to make up and print these rumors, never once has MS ever said anything what so ever about using BR but your wannabe fake websites and blogs continue to post that SH1T. So pleaseeeeeeeeee from the bottom of my heart stop the lies!! We don't want BR, we obviously don't need BR and we will never have BR, Never ever!!

Xbox 360 wins bigger better and more bad assed each and every year. This coming Christmas with all of the 360's games and the new LIVE is going to kick the wannabe's butt all over the world !!! Drool on wannabe's and make up all the fake, lame stories that you want but nothing changes the facts that the Xbox 360 is king and your queen ps3 continues to bend over and take it like a girl:)

green3453d ago

If true it's the right thing to do.They should just save Blue-Ray for the next console.

Elven63453d ago

They are probably making truck fulls of money with the Video Store and the Netflix release will only add to it which is why I am skeptical Blu Ray will ever grace the Xbox 360, and possibly the Xbox 3 as well!

morganfell3453d ago

There are other reasons for no BR Drive for the 360. With Sony, we don't know if BR success is more important to them than PS3 success. But with MS it is easy to say that OS and peripheral software ventures are more important than the 360. With that said, the rest is explained here:

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