Six compelling reasons why GTA is Rockstar’s next Nintendo Switch title

It’s the most popular IP in video games, which has proven time and time again it will sell big numbers on any format, so when will GTA be out on the Switch?

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lptmg265d ago

I think I'd prefer something like that PS2 title collection available on the PS4 more than GTA V on the Switch.

Having San Andreas and Vice City on the go, and not only on a mobile phone, would be sweet

mikeslemonade264d ago

Boycott if it's a new gen gta.

PlayStationswitch264d ago

Yeah I'd rather have bully than GTA V. Idk what but something was lost in GTA once the graphics got better.

wonderfulmonkeyman265d ago

I could not honestly care less whether GTA hits the Switch in any capacity.
There are so many other games they could do that would have a much better chance of actually selling on Switch...

264d ago
shaenoide264d ago

The switch will need more storage encore that.

Magnus264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Rockstar would be stupid not making a Switch copy of GTA the game makes cash it's fun to play.

morganfell264d ago

The game Rockstar would put on the Switch is the one that will make the most money.

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The story is too old to be commented.