Gran Turismo Sport has made me a better gamer

Gran Turismo sport is not only a fantastic racing game, but serves as a tool for improving your skills as a gamer.

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Aceman18261d ago

I know exactly how he feels I know I'll probably never win a race but i came close once by finishing 2nd or 3rd. I just enjoy racing cleanly against others online, and if I make a mistake by bumping someone I dont take the next spot up, I usually just fall back or let them go back ahead of me.

Racing online is hella fun lol.

3-4-5260d ago

I feel the same way in Forza online. I don't always "need" to win every race, but if it's an exciting close race and I'm in it, it's still pretty much just as much fun even if I get 5th.

Aceman18260d ago

To me that's all that matters lol

TheColbertinator261d ago

GT3 back in the day made me a better driver.

Nfsu made me angrier

GNCFLYER261d ago

Everyone in my city must have played NFSU then. People here drive very aggressive and angry..

LateNightThirst261d ago

The system in place is great, but its got major flaws in the penalty system that need to get fixed. Someone bumping me from behind or clipping me on the side and me cutting the track because of that shouldn't get me a 10 second penalty while he gets nothing except a small hit to his SR.

sampsonon261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

if you break too early or take a bad line it will give you what you deserve most times. i know, it's always the other persons fault right? lol

and yes, sometimes it gets it wrong but "major flaws" ? not even close.

Revvin261d ago

No automated system will ever be as good as live Marshalls, sure tweaks can be made but major flaw? no

LateNightThirst261d ago

I think what I meant by major flaw is that is more on us both getting that penalty, in that if I ram into you and you get a penalty for going off track, I should get the same. Thats fair to me the game rewards good driving, but also has gray areas you can abuse to win races by being dirty

Dragonscale260d ago

@late, agreed to a point. Sometimes you do get penalised for someone elses dirty tactics, most frustrating lol. But overall its pretty good tbh, Wouldn't say its a major flaw though.

2pacalypsenow261d ago

I learned how to drive playing GT 2

gangsta_red261d ago

Mario Kart taught me how to drive. Now I never go anywhere unless I'm strapped with three turtle shells.

nowitzki2004261d ago

Twisted Metal taught me how to drive

gangsta_red261d ago

"It was hardly going to be an Xbox racing game in the 90s now was it?"

I really wish I knew what you were talking about.

Crash Team Racing? CTR was for suckas, real men lived and died on the bloody tracks of Mario Kart.

Goldby261d ago

Real men lived and died jumping the gap on rainbow road

Kribwalker261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

man it took me so long to make it the first time 😂

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Revvin261d ago

Online ranking should now be considered a must have feature for any racing game that has online modes. iRacing set the benchmark for ranked, structured online racing and its great to see titles such as GT Sport and Project Cars 2 seek to emulate some of that structure - GT Sport more so. As much as I enjoy Forza 7 the online play seems primitive and limited in comparison.

LateNightThirst261d ago

Forza Leagues is a huge let down, I really enjoy the FIA races, I just wish they weren't so stale and had some night racing thrown in. Haven't done a FIA one in the night and I love night racing in this game

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