1UP: Demon's Souls Hands-On Preview

1UP: "The minds behind From Software's cult-classic King's Field franchise seek to reenergize the musty dungeon crawler genre with this decidedly more action-oriented and open-ended take on hard fantasy role-playing. Demon's Souls melodramatic (and weirdly enough, English-dubbed) opening cinema outlines the plot -- the kingdom of Bolotario is under siege by a plague of demons after a sleeping subterranean behemoth known as "the old one" was accidentally awakened. These demons are laying waste to the countryside, transforming townsfolk into shambling, zombie-like beasts. As a custom-made hero or heroine, you're tasked with hacking and slashing through countless monstrosities in an attempt to save humanity."

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DA_SHREDDER3569d ago

Fanboyism at its finest. The ps3 controller doesn't have a R trigger button, it has shoulder buttons. I also love they way he says how good the game looks but then turns around to say that the color palette will draw away alot of people. This article is a Failure, and just proves that 1up is just another xbox 360 fanboy site that always gives the 360 overrated scores and always shaft its ps3 counterparts.

SixTwoTwo3569d ago

This game looks surprisingly good. But since its From Software I have to see and read more about it. I'm definitely keeping my eye on it now.

LarVanian3569d ago

What I am expecting is a nice, good game to sit down and enjoy.
I wouldn't really say that this game is on the same level as WKC. However that said I will save judgement until I've actually seen the game fully polished on my tv screen (Sometime next year I take it?).
This game has the potential to surprise us all. Just give it time.