Star Citizen, Silent Hill 2 and Spyro The Dragon recreated in Unreal Engine 4

3D Environment artist, Aleksis Gutmanis, has released some screenshots from his Star Citizen recreation in Unreal Engine 4. Moreover, Fernando Martis Avila and Blackcatgame Studios have showcased Silent Hill 2 and Spyro: The Dragon in Unreal Engine 4, respectively.

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thorstein205d ago

Star Citizen isn't out yet, so it can't be "REcreated."

OoglyBoogly205d ago

Is it not a recreation of a set from the current alpha? It's recreating what Star Citizen has now. It's been recreated.

Eonjay205d ago

Yeah, about that... the chances of Star Citizen actually releasing before we die is so slim, its alright to go ahead and do this demo. Star Citizen is a new kind of game: It will generate more money before it releases than a final product can ever hope to earn, so there is very little reason for them to ever finish it...

Relientk77205d ago

I like the Spyro the Dragon spiritual successor gameplay, not bad

waiting for the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remake HD Collection

HyperMouse205d ago

Why more Silent Hill isnt been worked on is just crazy

link2Dpast205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

It's to damn scary lol. Literally the only franchise where I turned it on at the menu and just said "eff that" and immediately went to viva piñata, something with happiness and colors lol

andrewsquall204d ago

Viva Pinata? How did you pop on Viva Pinata in 2001 instead of playing Silent Hill 2?

Chumdiddy205d ago

These efforts are almost always just for their resume'. Don't expect anything beyond looking and saying "oh, cool".

205d ago
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