What To Do When Your Indie Game Isn't Selling? - The Indie Toaster

At some point, most developers will start wondering how to boost the sales of their indie game. Over the internet, at conventions, through emails, and even while sharing a  beer; regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry, this question likely already came up.  Finding a proper and thorough answer, though, is not always …

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Soulst0rmer359d ago

I give a shout out to Migami's Castlevania Lacarde Chronicles 2 on PC which is the best indie of 2017

PhoenixUp359d ago

Put it on IGC or GWG to garner more attention

Summons75359d ago

Take a good hard look as to why it's not selling and then learn from your mistakes.

chris235358d ago

easy: dont hop on a trend, create a thought out game that stands on its own and not on only marketing.. and your indie game will sell like hotcake.