Bungie: Halo 3 Recon "isn't Halo Cell, Ghost Recon: Halo, Republic Commandalo or whatever"

Posting over at NeoGAF, Bungie's Luke Smith has said that Halo 3 Recon isn't your average stealth-action game.

The title was said to require the player "to employ more elements of stealth and cunning than ever before" in its press release this morning.

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morganfell3421d ago

Yes it is HALO Ghost Recon. That is why they hired Christian Allen. So he could come to Bungie and smear the great HALO games that have been made so far. The guy ruined Ghost Recon and now he is sticking his idiot fingers in HALO.

ThanatosDMC3421d ago

Begin milking... wait for it... wait for it.... NOW!!!

Montrealien3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

whatever it is, it`s a day one puchase for Morgan. ;D

And Milking is good, as long as the milk is good. And eventhough the Halo milk has gotten a little warm, it aint sour yet.

SeNiLe9113421d ago

But really, people can call it what they want but this game sounds, looks and will be GREAT!!!

The Makr3420d ago

Sounds like Morg, wanted Halo to never evolve, but he forgot Halo is Combat Evolved and looks like this Universe will be explored from every angle and I for one am happy to see that. Good to see MS and Bungie thinking outside the Halo box, infact, with Halo Wars and this there really isn't much of a box left. I expect Bungie excited to explore this new content angle, and I'd rather play the product of entusiatic developers who are into their work, than people just grinding out a game for the pay check.

Blackfrican3420d ago

I hope that this game is not Halo Ghost Recon. I have yet to find myself still playing a ghost recon game more than a month after I obtained it. The online replayability just isn't there for me.

Changing the formula for halo is risky. What they had not only worked, but it revolutionized console shooters. However, constant similar iterations could lead many people to lose interest in the franchise, so maybe a change is necessary.

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fashionfreakj863421d ago

I hope the graphics are on par with killzone 2 this time or at least on par or better than COD4, other wise....only fanboys will buy it. I wont even get this halo game this time if its the same old halo 3.

Pennywise3421d ago

Nothing on the Xbox will be on par with KZ2 graphics. Let that dream die right where it started.

Montrealien3421d ago

I just want a great game, and last time I checked, great graphics is only a part of that.

morganfell3421d ago

Dead on Pennywise. Even once pro MS site Joystiq was floored by KZ2. It is a juggernaut and the competition is running as far away from that beast as they can get.

ericnellie3421d ago

Isn't that the exact same thing PS3 fanboys said about Lair and Haze before they were released?
Opinions are cool but trash talking is crap!

kinggeoff3421d ago

before we start spouting "GREATESTEST GAME EVAR"

as we so often do around here

iHEARTboobs3421d ago

I think most people are saying it's the best looking game ever. A lot would agree. And although gameplay isn't restricted by hardware, graphics are.

Pennywise3421d ago

I never once said greatest game ever. I said NO GRAPHICS ON XBOX CAN TOUCH THIS. NO GRAPHICS ON XBOX CAN DO 1080P @ 60FPS either - Are you guys going to mash the disagree with that too?


Montrealien3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Virtual Tennis 3 says hello, oh and I will be very very impressed when I see Killzone 2 play in native 1080p/60fps. Will it be locked at 60fps? has this been confirmed? I can`t wait to play Killzone, it looks awesome, if it uns native 1080p at a locked 60fps, it will be the icing on the cake imho.

And honestly, the way you use caps to mash in your points, you don`t even deserve a dissagree pennywise, do you use caps lock, or do you hold shift while mash those letters in to make sure we get it? ;P

Pennywise3421d ago

lol... its SHIFT. No need for caps!

Is virtual Tennis(lol) Upscaled?

Serg3421d ago

KillZone 2 is running at [email protected] frames, unless they changed it to 1080p, which I doubt. Virtua Tennis... uhm, well not as impressive as GT5P, 1080p @ 60 FPS with 16 unbelieveably detailed cars (220000 Polygons each) on a very detailed racetrack.

Calvin_ISA3420d ago

I heard it's locked at 30fps. O_O

Montrealien3420d ago

GT5P Is damn impressive, really love that game. However it also plays like it did in 97. I'll be impressed with GT5, in 1080p/60fps with full car dmg. I really love GT franchise but the guy asked it Virtual Tennis 3 was 1080p, thatès all I answered. And Killzone 2 is in 720p? Why not 1080p? oh right, that's because the PS3 has limits, not dev that can;t handle it. ;D

Serg3420d ago

Well KillZone2 is the first game Guerilla Games is making for the PS3 and it uses whopping 4 SPUs... out of 6 (one is disabled, 1 used by the OS, 6 for the developers), the PS3 has limits, but they are not known yet. PS3 is clearly capable of handling a game of KillZone 2's calibre in 1080p, I can only guess why it isn't and my guess would be, Guerilla didn't want to screw it up by promising too much and not being able to deliver. Let's face it 1080p is massive, almost 2x higher than 720p. We all know the hype that goes with KillZone 2, I doubt Guerilla wants to stand in the spotlight as the company that failed to produce a 1080p game after promising a 1080p game.

@Calvin_ISA: You're right, it was 30 frames.

Montrealien3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

(the PS3 has limits, but they are not known yet.)

this is the kind of statement that blows my mind, its hardware, not a magical creature.

( Guerilla didn't want to screw it up by promising too much and not being able to deliver.)

you don`t know Guerilla, the thrive under pressure, and love to over promise. They even admited it.

( I doubt Guerilla wants to stand in the spotlight as the company that failed to produce a 1080p game after promising a 1080p game)

I don`t want to be a pain but if any company failed at that, it is Sony, no?

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morganfell3421d ago

I love HALO but when I saw the trailer I was disappointed because it doesn't feel like HALO. Could it be good? Maybe. But I know Christian Allen and he is the entire sole reason that Ghost Recon became an arcade game.

Montrealien3421d ago

I agree that Ghost Recon got more, shall we say, (accessible) But let`s face it, the direction the ghost recons took the last few years would be a decent match for a squad based Halo game.

CEO of Troll Corp3421d ago

If it were Halo Gear Solid,it would have a chance of success

JasonPC360PS3Wii3420d ago

5 to 1 in 4 days, you just might be tied with Nasim.

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