Gamespot: TGS 2008: Infamous Updated Impressions

Gamespot: "Having caught a glimpse of Infamous at E3 and instantly nominated it as one of the top action-adventure games on show, we jumped at the chance to see a little more of this open-world superpowered endeavour from Sony. To recap: you play as a character called Cole, who was the lone survivor of a mysterious explosion that vaporised everyone in a six-block radius, and now finds himself with electrical superpowers. In response to the strange goings-on in Empire City the government has apparently imposed a quarantine order, and fenced off the entire place."

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Dipso3390d ago

Sweet jayzus, bless us and save us..Gamespot lavishing praise on a Ps3 title. Ah well they will still probably award it no more than 70 regardless of how good it turns out.