PREY mod adds volumetric lights, sun shafts, missing shadows, particles effects, physics and more

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘jmx777’ has informed us about a new version of his Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics mod for PREY. This latest version of the mod adds volumetric effects to almost all lights. In addition, this new version adds volumetric shafts to sun, improves flare effects and improves the TOD at the beggining of the game."

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letsa_go359d ago

What a shitty article, it doesn't even have screenshots showing the difference! haha Thanks for the description of all the effects I guess, now I will have to do the work for you and look up an ACTUAL article or youtube article about it to see the differences.

DarkOcelet358d ago

It does have screenshots actually. Check it again.

letsa_go358d ago

haha ok they added them. Cool

357d ago
starchild357d ago

Awesome. This is one of the things I love about PC gaming. I have modded quite a few of my games and it has improved the games in tangible ways.