TGS 08: Quantum Theory Details + Lots of Screens

GP Reports: "One of the biggest surprises in this year's TGS is Tecmo's exclusive Third Person Shooter, Quantum Theory for the Playstation 3. First announced in Famitsu magazine, Quantum Theory makes an appearance in the show floor and thus, revealed the details to us..."


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LiquifiedArt3449d ago

Stylized version of Gears. WOOOT. Heres to it being better then the overhyped UE3 Game. :)

ali3123449d ago

This game is looking really good, has lots of potential, I don't care if this is looking like gears, as its the gameplay that counts

smurfie43449d ago

This is most definitely real-time. Im suprised by how good it looks to be this early.

wolfehound223449d ago

Hell in all honesty if it ends up like Gears I won't complain

Raoh3449d ago

looks and sounds good

to the xbox fans. i can understand all the criticism to come if this game is in fact very gears of war like. the same would be true if the shoe was on the other foot.


1. we dont know for sure that is gears of war like. this is just everyones first take on it.

2. i'd rather have an original ip from sony that is similar to another game than pay for a crappy port (i said crappy port not game) of someone elses exclusive..